Effects of the Wall

    The Berlin Wall separated East and West Germany both physically and politically. The wall also didn't allow people to leave or come into East or West Germany. The wall also affected the people in Germany. The Germans could not visit their family and friends on the other side of the Berlin Wall. Families were separated and they would not see each other again for a long time. People who worked on either side of the wall suddenly lost their jobs because they could not go to the other side. Then by losing their jobs, they could not buy food for their families. The Germans were devasted and many protested against the wall. They wanted the wall to be taken down. It separated the people from freedom.

The Death Strip

    Many people tried to escape and get through the Berlin Wall to the other side. Only a handful of people were successful. Most people who tried to get to the other side were shot in what was known as the Death Strip. The Death Strip was a little strip of land between East and West Berlin. The guards had orders to shoot anyone who tried to cross it. Many people got through when the wall was not fortified. But when the concrete wall was put up, no one could make it through. About 160 people were shot and killed in the Death Strip.